Shower Cubicles

Selected, elegant and hygienic


Island free standing baths are made from 3.0mm thick Lucite acrylic sheet. For strength and rigidity they are sprayed with heavy resin bonded moesh backing. They feature a double wall construction - the wall of the bath and the wall of the outer shroud. The baths also feature a zink plated metal base frame which include adjustable levelling feet. Included with each bath is a chromium plated popper waste and overflow outlet and shallow seal water trap with flexible pipe attached.

More about available baths you will find into Prisma Bathroom Catalogue 2021

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List of vanity baths ( 20 )
  • 01. TR4019A Coriander Vanity Basin
  • 02. TR4165 Rose Vanity Basin
  • 03. TR4042 Lilly Vanity Basin
  • 04. TR4049 Fuscia Vanity Basin
  • 05. TR4148 Iris Vanity Basin
  • 06. TR4161 Laburnum Vanity Basin
  • 07. TR4034 Columbine Vanity Basin
  • 08. TR4045 Carnation Vanity Basin
  • 09. TR4088 Lavander Vanity Basin
  • 10. TR4086 Poppy Basin
  • 11. TR4039 Orchid Basin
  • 12. TR4019 Angelica Basin
  • 13. TR4159 Lavender 2 Basin
  • 14. TR4121A Peony 1 Basin
  • 15. TR4031C Thistle Basin
  • 16. TR4546 Lilac Basin
  • 17. TR4562 Hyacinth Square Basin
  • 18. TR4371 Hyacinth Rectangular Basin
  • 19. TR4087 Delphinium Basin
  • 20. TR4082 Tazetta Basin
TR4019ACoriander Basin TR4019A
TR4165Rose Basin TR4165
TR4042Lilly Basin TR4042
TR4049Fuscia Basin TR4049
TR4148Iris Basin TR4148
TR4161Laburnum Basin TR4161
TR4034Columbine Basin TR4034
TR4045Carnation Basin TR4045
TR4088Lavander Basin TR4088
TR4086Poppy Basin TR4086
TR4039Orchid Basin TR4039
TR4019Angelica Basin TR4019
TR4159Lavender 2 Basin TR4159
TR4121APeony 1 Basin TR4121A
TR4031CThistle Basin TR4031C
TR4546Lilac Basin TR4546
TR4562Hyacinth Square Basin TR4562
TR4371Hyacinth Rectangular Basin TR4371
TR4087Delphinium Basin TR4087
TR4082Tazetta Basin TR4082