Sanitary Ware in Black Finish

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More about available Waste Outlet & Traps you will find Our Prisma Bathroom Catalogue

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Waste Outle

  • 01. BOTROverflow Thim for Basin
  • 02. WST100RD81¹⁄4" Round Dome Popper Waste Outlet - Black
  • 03. 114BTB1¹⁄4" Round Telescopic Bottle Trap
  • 04. ME9114Replacment Direct Operated Push Button
  • 05. PUW195BBath, Waste and Overflow Set
  • 06. STW001BShower Waste

Basin Mixers

  • 07. U80068NULTRA 18 Monobloc Basin Mixer Black
  • 08. PSBMRBBasin Mixer with Popper Waste


  • 09. P47B Black Round Plate
  • 10. P43B Black Square Plate
BOTRWaste Outle | BOTR - Overflow Thim for Basin
WST100RDBWaste Outle | WST100RDB - 1¹⁄4" Round Telescopic Bottle Trap
114BTBWaste Outle | 114BTB - Replacment Direct Operated Push Button
ME9114Waste Outle | ME9114 - Bath, Waste and Overflow Set
PUW195BWaste Outle | PUW195B - Shower Waste
U80068NBasin Mixers | U80068N - ULTRA 18 Monobloc Basin Mixer Black
PSBMRBBasin Mixers | PSBMRB - Basin Mixer with Popper Waste
P47BPlates | P47B - Black Round Plate
P43BPlates | P43B - Black Square Plate


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