Island Free Standing Acrylic Baths

Selected, elegant and hygienic


Island free standing baths are made from 3.0mm thick Lucite acrylic sheet. For strength and rigidity they are sprayed with heavy resin bonded moesh backing. They feature a double wall construction - the wall of the bath and the wall of the outer shroud. The baths also feature a zink plated metal base frame which include adjustable levelling feet. Included with each bath is a chromium plated popper waste and overflow outlet and shallow seal water trap with flexible pipe attached.

More about available baths you will find Our Prisma Bathroom Catalogue

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Free Standing Baths

  • 01. Serifos - Free Standing Bath 1700x720x820mm
  • 02. Paros - Free Standing Bath 1690x810x580mm
  • 03. Corfu - Free Standing Bath 1700x800x580mm
  • 04. Chios - Free Standing Bath 1700x800x580mm
  • 05. Samos - Free Standing Bath 1700x800x720mm
  • 06. Milos - Free Standing Bath 1700x800x580mm
  • 07. Delos - Free Standing Bath 1700x800x600mm
  • 08. Los - Free Standing Bath 1700x750x600mm
  • 09. Mykonos - Free Standing Bath 1700x750x600mm

Free Standing Bath Tap

  • 10. Santorini - Tap Santor
SERIFOSIsland Baths | SERIFOS - Serifos Bath
PAROSIsland Baths | PAROS - Paros Bath
CORFUIsland Baths | CORFU - Corfu Bath
CHIOSIsland Baths | CHIOS - Chios Bath
SAMOSIsland Baths | SAMOS - Samos Bath
MILOSIsland Baths | MILOS - Milos Bath
DELOSIsland Baths | DELOS - Delos Bath
LOSIsland Baths | LOS - Los Bath
MYKONOSIsland Baths | MYKONOS - Mykonos Bath
SANTORIsland Taps | SANTOR - Tap Santorini