Waste Outlet & Traps

Selected, elegant and hygienic


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More about available Waste Outlet & Traps you will find into Prisma Bathroom Catalogue 2022

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List of vanity Waste Outlet & Traps ( 20 )
  • 01. WST300 Traditional C.P. on Brass Basin Wastes Slotted, Poly Plug & Chain
  • 02. WST600 Slotted, Chrome Plug & Chain
  • 03. WST900 Unslotted, Chrome Plug & Chain
  • 04. WST100 Flush Popper Slotted
  • 05. WST101 Unslotted
  • 06. WST100RDRound Dome Popper Slotted
  • 07. WST101RD Unslotted
  • 08. WST100SD Square Dome Popper Slotted
  • 09. WST101SD Unslotted
  • 10. USBWSP Swivel Plug Wasted Unslotted
  • 11. SBWSP Slotted
  • 12. 1114FG312U Flush Grated Unslotted
  • 13. 1114FG312S Slotted
  • 14. 114BTCP Bottle Traps - Telescopic 1¹⁄􀹞" Round Chamber
  • 15. 114SBTCP 1¹⁄􀹞" Square Chamber
WST300Coriander Basin TR4019A
WST600Rose Basin TR4165
WST900Lilly Basin TR4042
WST100Fuscia Basin TR4049
WST101Iris Basin TR4148
WST100RDLaburnum Basin TR4161
WST101RDColumbine Basin TR4034
WST100SDCarnation Basin TR4045
WST101SDLavander Basin TR4088
USBWSPPoppy Basin TR4086
SBWSPOrchid Basin TR4039
1114FG312UAngelica Basin TR4019
1114FG312SLavender 2 Basin TR4159
114BTCPPeony 1 Basin TR4121A
114SBTCPThistle Basin TR4031C
BOTRThistle Basin TR4031C
WST100RDBThistle Basin TR4031C
PUW195BThistle Basin TR4031C